What is Current Direction – CD?

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Current Direction -CD- is a locator feature patented and introduced by Radiodetection in the early ’90s to help identify target utilities buried in areas where identifying a specific line is difficult.

This special subset of frequencies, available on certain models of Radiodetection locators, allows the Receiver to identify the direction of flow of the signal along a buried utility line by showing a Forward or Backward arrow on the display.

The underlying concept behind CD is that the transmitter “injects” its signal into the target line (the line we need to locate), so this signal flows AWAY from the transmitter and BACK, along earth or other conductors, towards the earth stake.

Then if the locator is standing above the target line, the receiver will show a direction of signal flowing AWAY from the transmitter, and any other indication of buried utilities in the area should be pointing BACK to the ground stake.

It was first used by telecommunications companies to precisely locate armored fiber optic cables in congested rights-of-way.

A more detailed explanation of this tool can be found on Page 83 of the Publication  “ABC & XYZ of Locating Buried Pipes and Cables” which can be downloaded from our website HERE

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