What are the differences between a RD7100 and a RD8100?

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The RD8100 adds the following features to the RD7100:
i) Broader range of frequencies
ii) Power filters (1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th harmonic) for areas with heavy AC interference
iii) Five (5) user programmable frequencies between 50Hz and 1000Hz
iv) Multiple Current Direction frequencies for difficult locates in congested areas
v) High Frequency Current Direction (4 kHz-CD) for high impedance lines such as tracer wire, detectable tape, and other target lines. (Requires T10 transmitter)
vi) Broad peak mode for very weak signals or deep target lines (over 30 ft)
vii) Optional long range Bluetooth link between Receiver and Transmitter (up to 1400 ft) for remote control of transmitter’s functions. (Requires Bluetooth enabled Transmitter)
viii) Optional Built-in GPS with internal memory to store up to 1000 locate points.

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