Electronic Marker Locators

Electronic Marker Locators

Electronic Marker Locators provides an accurate, convenient, long-lasting method of marking underground facilities. Electronic marking eliminates time and money spent searching for “lost” facilities. The marker also acts as a digging shield over buried facilities, lessening the chances of a costly dig-in. And, unlike surface markers such as stakes, flags or paint, the full-range marker cannot be inadvertently removed or worn away by weather.

The full-range marker is buried over key facilities during construction or maintenance. Later, the marker is easily and accurately located using a EMS II Marker Locator, which consists of a compact electronics package and a lightweight hand-held probe. The locator transmits a signal to the buried marker. The marker reflects the signal back to the locator, and its exact location is indicated with both a visual meter reading and an audible tone.

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Tap Marker
Electronic Marker Locators

  • Fits most standard low volume Gas Tap Tee’s.

  • Accurately pinpoints Tap Tee - to a depth of approximately 5 feet.

  • Locatable with any electronic marker locator.

  • Rugged polyethylene case ensures years of useful life.

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