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Hazardous Location LightingHazardous Location Lighting For Use In Combustible Atmospheres

Ideal For Oil And Gas Refineries, Pipeline Repairs, Gas Distribution Centers, Paint Booths, Underground Coal Mines, Paper And Textile Production, Grain Handling And Storage

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Big Buddy 1/2" Rodder
  • Coated with high visibility polymer sheath to protect against rod abrasion and reduce friction
  • Round, flexible rod slides easily over wires in occupied conduit
  • Exceptional bending strength for maneuvering tight turns
  • Non-conductive and will not kink

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Good Buddy 3/8" Rodder
  • 3/8” OD Fiberglass Rod
  • Rod or fish conduit 2" to 4" in diameter
  • Ideal for manhole-to-riser, riser-to-riser, cable vaults, and large conduit runs
  • 7” Bending Radius
  • 1,000-lb Pull/Tensile Strength
  • Rod is marked in 5' increments
  • Accessory Kit, End Ferrule and Pulling Eye Included

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Easy Buddy1/4” OD Fiberglass Rod - Rod or fish conduit 1” to 2” - Designed to handle tight turns and long runs - More flexible and smaller than Good Buddy® - Rod or fish conduit in buildings - 4” Bending Radius - 400-lb Pull/Tensile Strength - Rod is marked in 5' increments - Drag brake to control payout - Includes End Ferrule and Pulling Eye - Accessory Kit sold separately - Dimensions: 36.25” X 24” X 13” -

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Gas Line Tracer KitFiberglass rod with tracer wire and grounding with integrated Stuffing Box that locates live plastic lateral gas lines from meter to the main.
  • Stuffing Box connects to any riser’s shut off valve
  • No blow-by while feeding rod into live line • Small bullet tip guides rod from riser to lateral transition
  • Use transmitter and receiver to non-invasively trace gas line from above ground • Includes wire and clip for static grounding.

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Duct HunterUtilizing the heavy duty frame construction of our Buddy System® Rodders, the Duct Hunter™ features a copper trace wire in the rod to trace or map underground conduit or pipe without digging or trenching. • 5/16” and 7/16” rod diameter; 300’ to 1,000’ length • Trace to depths up to 10’ • Locate sewer laterals • Rigid frame and wheel construction • Rod’s ferrule attaches to sonde, roller guide or pulling eye • Accessory kit included • Bend Radius: 5/16” Rod 6” Bend; 7/16” Rod 9” Bend For more information

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Water Line Tracer KitWater Tracer Unit has a fiberglass rod with tracer wire and Stuffing Box to locate live non-metallic water lines from the customer’s meter to the main water line or to the home. Stuffing Box does not leak water up to 100 PSI. Use with transmitter and receiver to trace line from above ground.
  • 3/16” rod diameter in 100’ to 300’ lengths • Locate any plastic pipe without a tracer wire
  • With an adapter, the stuffing box can be attached to the yoke which holds the meter

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Gas Main Tracer KitElectrofusion Insertion Tapping Tee For 2” 4" & 6" Gas Main Line
  • Attach stuffing box to Electro-Fusion Insertion Tap Tee (patent pending)
  • Insert traceable rod into gas main with no blow by Use with transmitter and receiver to trace line from above ground.

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Jameson Directional Entry Tool
  • Enables vertical insertion of tracer rods and cameras
  • Facilitates the difficult first bend at entry
  • Works on live gas and water mains with no blow by
  • Compatible with keyhole procedures (fits 24” minimum keyhole)
  • Works on mains as small as 2”
  • Attaches to plastic or steel pipes
  • Rotates 360° to insert in either direction
  • Optimized for use with Jameson’s 1/4” Live Tracer For Gas Mains
  • Fits camera heads 1-3/8” or smaller
  • Works with commercially available saddles, valves, and tap tools
  • Includes heavy duty storage case
  • Patent pending design
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