Plastic Pipe Locators & Accessories

Plastic Pipe Locators & Accessories

Plastic Pipe Locators – Utility location is the process of identifying and labeling public utility mains that are underground. These mains may include lines for telecommunication, electricity distribution, natural gas, cable television, fiber optics, traffic lights, street lights, storm drains, water mains, and wastewater pipes.

In some locations, major oil and gas pipelines, national defense communication lines, mass transit, rail and road tunnels also compete for space underground.

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Line Tracer Kit
Specialized Locating Accessories
Fiberglass rod with tracer wire and grounding with integrated Stuffing Box that locates live plastic lateral gas lines from meter to the main.
  • Stuffing Box connects to any riser’s shut off valve

  • No blow-by while feeding rod into live line • Small bullet tip guides rod from riser to lateral transition

  • Use transmitter and receiver to non-invasively trace gas line from above ground • Includes wire and clip for static grounding.

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